Luna, home of live music, London, UK


9:00 PM

Solo Acoustic

Iago specialises in the complex and impressive finger-style acoustic guitar. Live, he mixes original compositions with well-known finger-style songs and unique arrangements of popular classics.

What the press say:
“The stunning guitar from Iago Banet is something to be admired. It’s right on the money is this. Brilliant” Stephen Harrison, Blues Matters Magazine

“´The Great Galician´… I got a touch of Kossof, a little of Ry Cooder, but in truth a really distinctive player who eschews all the cliches.” Vicky Martin, Musician

“He’s very much a feel player who solos within the contours of the song rather than just cranking out endless solos, as he switches from straight lead guitar to slide and back again… Iago’s solo playing showed that he’s not just a rocker, he has a genuine feel for the blues.” Pete Feenstra, Reel Music LIVE